Follow these simple steps:

1. Upgrade to Premium:

    - On your homepage, find your profile badge labeled "Free."

    - Click the "Upgrade to Premium" link next to it.

    - On the plan page, scroll to the “Premium” plan and click "Upgrade."

    - On the payment page, fill in your details and keep the monthly payment option selected.

2. Connect Instagram:

    - Go back to the “Home” page.

    - Click the red ‘Not connected’ button next to the Instagram icon.

    - Click ‘Sign up for free’. and follow the steps. Your reels will appear within 2-4 hours.

3. Personalize AI Post Generator:

    - On the homepage, select "AI Post Generator."

    - Click on "AI Settings" to customize voice tone, writing style, and destination preferences.

    - Save your settings. You can adjust these anytime.

4. Generate AI Posts:

    - To create a random post, click "New Automatic AI Post." Schedule and add it to your calendar for any linked social media account. You can edit or delete if needed.

    - To create a post with a specific description, click "New Manual AI Post." For example, generate a post about Vancouver if you specialize in Canada. You can also schedule, edit, or delete this post.

5. Adjust Post Frequency:

    - Click on "Post Frequency" in the left navigation bar.

    - Customize the frequency of daily posts and choose the days of the week for posts. Save your changes.

    - Set the post frequency for each active app in your account.

6.New features under 'Agency Details':

    - Add your meeting scheduling tool URL, such as a Calendar link. This will be displayed in your e-Marketing newsletter and supplier landing pages so clients can easily schedule meetings with you.

    - Create a signature of hashtags for social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Save your changes.

Enjoy the benefits of your Premium plan and make the most of these features. If you have any questions, reach out to our support team at